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Our Mission

Wasp & Fig Sounds recognizes the subtle discrepancies which come from voices that are oppressed and therefore conditioned or influenced to be suppressed. We live in a chain-reaction which is: treatment equalizes belief, and belief determines reality. Our world has seen and experienced the negative impacts of negative treatments and beliefs, in terrifying and heart-wrenching mass extremities, displayed through mental and physical illness, suicide, war and genocide. 

Our mission is to heal and improve the efficiency of society through holistic voice coaching and development. We believe that when we imagine the best possibility, we create the best reality. We believe that our beliefs determine our reality and that often enough, a traumatic inheritance or event, will create an overbearing blindspot in order to create a beautiful reality, freely.

Wasp & Fig Sounds is committed to helping you identify and overcome the blindspot in your circumstance, so that you can create the most beautiful reality possible.¬†The better that we¬†know and are confident in our¬†own identities and journeys, the better we are at working together with others. However¬†blindspots are just that: blind spots. We cannot see them, and must ask for help when we feel as though our minds are ‚Äúspinning‚ÄĚ.¬†

The positive outcomes and opportunities from the work in this type of alignment and self-awareness are truly limitless.

Imagine a world in peace ‚ÄĒ and that is what we will get.¬†


Is an offer-suite designed to uncover and develop one‚Äôs unique voice.¬†Our¬†coaching services focus on identifying and healing what we like to call ‚Äúblind spots‚ÄĚ; and reframing the experience and circumstances around those blind spots into foundational pillars for your ¬†development,¬†success and happiness. ¬†¬†

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