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I take your vocal development seriously

It took me 15 years to recover a suppressed memory that had caused me to shut down the use of my voice. The only place I felt that I was really heard was through singing on stage. Anywhere else, I would avoid eye contact, mumble, speak in a gravelly low register, turn away while making a statement...I'd even cover my mouth with my own hand.

Your voice though, is what will save you from a life of lost opportunities, regret, mental illness and sometimes even will save your life in the midst of threatening danger. 

What started as a mission to end generational trauma in my family turned into a passion to help others find their vocational callings and live out their purpose.

It is serious. 

It is personal. 

It is your voice.


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Brooke is wonderful! She makes you feel comfortable and welcome at each lesson!

Mary A.

Dan L.

Brooke is a real pleasure to work with. She makes voice lessons fun and lets me take it where I want it to go! Highly recommend. 

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Brooke is wonderful.

Amanda M.

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