Hey there! I'm Brooke

Ready to get vocal and amplify your life?

Then you've found the right coach. 


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Hey there! I'm Lindsay

Ready to start really living your best life? Then you're in the right place.

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It's time to get vocal. 

I'm Brooke. I'm a truth seeker and truth see-er. If you are interested in working with me, then you must be ready to accept the truth in the details of your story. 

We All Start Somewhere 

So Let's Get You Started.


Leschi Art Walk, circa 2015, was my first paid gig for an hour of music that I played with a borrowed guitar. They compensated me fifty bucks and unfortunately, got my last name wrong on the line-up board.

You can get misrepresented on a whim, anywhere.

Don't let this stop you.

Someone's honest mistake should never become a gargantuan obstacle in your journey of fulfilling your purpose.

You just might need to pick up and move on for your identity and voice to be amplified clearly.

Find the next best step. I serve as a soundboard for you to find it. 

Let's Get Vocal!


We are mirrors with one another. In 1:1 sessions, your voice will be mirrored by my guidance, as well as my experience and story. 

Do you see a reflection shining? Then do not hesitate to have your voice amplified in this space!

Cosmic Exchange

I believe that when we are fulfilling our purpose and embracing our true identity, that a cosmic exchange takes place between those involved. 

Your presence in 1:1 sessions provides me with continued learning and purpose, just as much as it provides you with guidance in your vocal development. 


Vocal development coaching is a safe space for you to establish or transform into a new form of your identity. 

Whether you are just starting out, or going through a transition, you will receive attuned guidance in taking the next best steps. 

How does it work?

  • Twelve, 45-minute sessions¬†
  • Guidance through my 5-pillar framework
  • Post-session reflection guides
Let's Get Vocal

Ready to get vocal?

There is no better time than the present to take the next best step. 


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